Excerpt (I)




Brightly framed

Where am I?

Do I no longer dream?


Purple carpets flow

Line the labyrinth of turns and terror

Thrones of azure scream

Rubies thrown

Regal prison


In comfort and elegance

Make up for deficiencies




With a stench in the air

Black death has claimed the servants


A hissing royal rain

Paintings weep red

Suits of armor

With stinging breath around the corner

Leopards with green mouths over my shoulder

Hilltop refuge crying on the border


Ravaged crown

The queen is no longer

  1. a very interesting poem i enjoyed this.

    • thank you i appreciate your kindness…actually this is just the introduction of a really long poem i have. it’s about 11 pages long and close to 2000 words. that’s why I named it excerpt (I)

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