Mayhem Festival 2012


So this is what i shall be doing this summer. June 30, 2012. Slipknot RETURNS!!! This should be another great show i’ll be talking about for some time.


This will be the 10th time i’ll be seeing Slipknot live in concert. It will also be the toughest. Slipknot’s bassist, Paul Gray, died in 2010. This tour will be their first without him. This will definitely be a very emotional show likely filled with mixed feelings.

Thrash legends SLAYER will co-headline. This will be the 2nd time i get to see their brutality live. The first time i saw them was 2004 and that show still burns bright in my mind.

A big addition on my list of bands I’ve been fortunate to see will be ANTHRAX. Another thrash icon from the 80’s. I’m looking forward to catching classics like “Caught in a mosh” “Madhouse” and “In my world”.

Rumors of the mystery band to be announced March 5th are ranging from MEGADETH to Metal Icons MOTORHEAD. It should be amazing regardless.

The devil wears prada, As I lay dying, Whitechapel, and High on fire round out this already killer show.

Cannot wait for June 30th


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