Living in Los Angeles is great. You got the beach 20 minutes away. The mountains an hour away. Hollywood, amusement parks, museums. Great mixes of cultures from all over the globe. Great food, hot girls, and more hot girls.

But…the one thing that I dislike is SUMMER!!!! Hovering around and exceeding 100 degrees for 3-4 months sucks.

Oh well. It’s worth it to me living in the city where I can eat an in-n-out double-double animal style, head to venice beach or walk down sunset blvd. catch an angel game or hug mickey mouse at disneyland.

Yup, it’s great here in southern california…heck even in 100 degree weather


Para mi papa

This weekend is big for my father. Today is his birthday and tomorrow is Father’s day.

Just shy of 28 years old and I look back upon them and can really only describe them as a mixed bag. I love my dad and he has taught me a lot in subjects i’m very passionate about (music and sports) but i’ve also dealt with a lot pain he’s inflicted.

There are a lot of bad times and scarring instances I recall about my father. I don’t speak of any with anyone other than my mother and when I do, she knows I remember actual instances and not childhood fantasies.

But I digress…

I love my dad and I miss him everyday (NOT DEAD, just in a different city). I thank him for making me who I am and shaping my beliefs.





My goddaughter has been with me for the last two weeks and WHY is a word that has crossed my mind and come out of my mouth a lot.

Why? Why do the kids these days listen to this crap they’re passing off as music these days. Artists (and i’m using that term very, very loosely) like Lil’ wayne, Rihanna, and Katy Perry offer nothing stimulating. Nothing thought provoking. They spout mindless drivel about kissing other girls, club hopping, boozing, and basing self-worth with the superficial judegement of clothes, hair, jewelry, phones and so on.

The artists these days have very little talent in their field. Few can really sing without the help of auto-tuning and synthesizers or pen their own singles without ghost writers. Now there are a lot of talented artists out right now (Adele, Foo Fighters, and Talib Kweli to name a few) but they, for the most part, are not played on terrestrial radio.

I told my goddaughter a good way to expand her musical tastes are to go back and listen to nothing but the music that was made before the year she was born. It’s a great way to see where the music she listens to now was spawned from. Her response was “UGHHH NO HOW BORING”.

Where are the artists? Where are The Doors? The Ramones? The revolutionaries that have preceded this generation of half-assers and computer generated songbirds. Where are The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix’s?

Why do these kids settle for lesser quality pop and make undeserving people like T-pain, LMFAO, and Rebecca Black household names.


Complex Formatting

Leaking oxygen tanks

Flooding venom mouths

Dripping fire rain

Catching maidens

Chipped nail response

Rusted tack infection

Pristine bactine wave

Sleep induced lust

Bowtie language

Quicksand charmer

Soccer star mentality

Slasher film obscenity

Pink sky vision

Amateur sound

Snakeskin vowels

Top hat thought

Mother nurturing

Beer breath closeness

Spun out magnetism

Chicago likelihood

New York reality

Las Vegas glory

Los Angeles cement

Back alley conversation

Dugout fire

Garage smoke

Hillside loss

Suburban worship

Infected son

Success story sheep

Soiled sheet lovable

Intoxicated strength

Stoned ability

Drunken tongue

Urban limb

Tie off the bleeding

Apartment complex rubbish

Semi salvation

Salty pillows

Choking lungs

Carved arm decorations

Family photo lashes

Motel predator

Split personality design

Rag doll

Sewer adoration

Hot water touch

Flavored thighs

Garden apple nutrition

Fresh blood zebra

Fat lion rampage

Graveyard romance

Closet prayer

Book jacket dedication

Crossfire shopper

Toy soldier orders

Worker bee week

Sprained ankle escape

Black eye desire

Virgin’s ears

Sitcom phenomenon

Anxiety crutch

Blue pill yearning

Foreign text mouth

Wall switch existence