I ran

I saw no choice

I had only a corner

When I wanted the world


I had only echoes

When I wanted the music


I had only you

When I wanted a reason


So much to witness


Lives to bury and become


Falls to feel


Gods to harvest


Before the sun burns out

Burns black



Who likes music? Who likes only a certain genre of music? Who likes a variety of music?

I want to suggest 3 songs from different genres and see the tastes of…well i guess people who follow my blog but this could reach others so…No goal really. Maybe to open up some to new music and artists who i enjoy listening to.

Likes are fine but hey maybe 1 or 2 of you guys can share this post and get it tossed around. Some comments would be awesome. To know what you guys think about the songs chosen, genres, suggestions…all welcome. Thanks. And hopefully enjoy.


Track 1. Coma White – Marilyn Manson. Album – Mechanical Animals


Track 2. Vampire – Peter Tosh. Album – No Nuclear War


Track 3. Straight Edge – Minor Threat. Album – Complete Discography

Monday 9:55 pm

Sitting around in the summer evening

Watching her

Over there

Playing on the blacktop


Chasing her tail




Playing in the warm moonlight



The soft


Carelessness of youth


Did you pay the electric bill this month?

Faults & Fine Lines

My eyes

Can never see

The defects you think you do


We’re all broken


We all have flaws


Faults and fine lines


Ones in which I already love

A set of malfunctions I growingly cherish


Your eyes

Can never see

The panic and disorder I own


I’m quite flawed

Broken and ripe with neuroses

Idiosyncrasies you seemingly accept

A set of malfunctions no one can cherish


You can be unsound

And I will lie unraveled

And maybe

One day

Some day soon

We’ll be broken



Silly Little Poem

A silly little poem


For anyone who needs it

For anyone who is willing to understand


A poem for all I love

For the ones who know and

Those who do not


A poem for my mother

A poem for my father


Bleeding through

Clinging to


A poem for the tribulations


Nurses and numbing agents

The burning and dull knives drilling


A poem to believe in myself

To believe

What’s inside is what’s needed


A poem

A prayer

To persist and be mindful

To worship and tribute


A silly little poem


© J. James Martinez

Henry Charles Bukowski

Henry Charles Bukowski

“Don’t Try”

In Search Of Bukowski…

In Search Of Bukowski...

Roaming the streets of LA in search of Charles Bukowski