Illuminated In A Tint Of Fire

In the flicker of the candle’s flame

I can see your eyes


Brown machetes

Cutting through me


My eyes trace an outline of my devotion

All my desperation

All fear and flaws


I trace out her jaw with my fingertip


Head back

Neck open

I clutch her throat






I taste your breath

Kiss your mouth and ride the curves


Eat the exhale

Hoard the bones


House Of Straw

The fire will come

Like a thief in the night and sweep through

The home we have built


This house of straw


One day surely burn


The flames will leave our love blackened




In ashes

Flotsam & Jetsam

Now you

Have fallen by the wayside

Flotsam and jetsam


Flickering flame

Fleeting reverence

Failed love


With every step

You are of

Less and less value


Fall away


No longer straddled

With your black across my back

                         Cross my heart


Your insistence

Your deadlines


Fall away


By the wayside

With the rest of them

Eating scraps and spoiled memories




Flotsam and jetsam




On Their Wall

Pretty girls pin pictures

Of ugly

Boys on their


Tall boys



Tacked to the little

Hearts of little


Cute boys with cute eyes

The on-cue smile

Good girls

With melting

Hearts pin pictures of ugly


On their wall


Does he snore like Charlie?


Does he spoon like James?


He slaves at his desk

In his silk tie and starched shirt

Chopping heads and cutting the fat

Bringing home bacon


Does she bake like Suzy?


Does she broil like Miriam?


She smiles and stands tall

Makes a nice home with dusted shelves

Her dishes sparkle

She crosses her hands and excuses herself

Freshens up when entertaining


Cooks a hell of a meatloaf


In heels with an underlying hell


Does she dance like Jacqueline?


Does she sway like Madeline?


Something is there

Between her red lips


Something is

There behind her sad smoky eyes


Knives waiting

Slicing thinning air

She can dust up HER shelves

With a breath


A beauty in heels with an underlying hell


… …


Hell of a meatloaf though

Warm Homicide

She opened her mouth and the sirens sounded

Her mangled fingers always pointed out my flaws

She loved to make me feel ugly

She whispered in ears of my masks

She yelled out and wrote of my wrongs

I still feel

Her scales on my legs

Hear her chastising

I look over my shoulder every now and then

And bite my tongue once in a while

She made the kill




I held her so hard

The hugs were so tight she choked

I ripped the air from her lungs

Wholesale Gold At Copper Prices

Life is

A bustling


Full of vendors

Vipers slithering


The plazas



Those you admire

Portraying the wished

For and desired


Menacing merchants

Misers with

Their wholesale gold

At copper prices