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God is

like my father


God is an abusive husband

and we are all

battered housewives

He pummels us with pain and heartache

and disease and fear

We tremble and worry and grieve

He soothes and hushes and relieves and promises to change

We love and care and believe

Until the next black eye

Until the next bloody nose



Silly Little Poem

A silly little poem


For anyone who needs it

For anyone who is willing to understand


A poem for all I love

For the ones who know and

Those who do not


A poem for my mother

A poem for my father


Bleeding through

Clinging to


A poem for the tribulations


Nurses and numbing agents

The burning and dull knives drilling


A poem to believe in myself

To believe

What’s inside is what’s needed


A poem

A prayer

To persist and be mindful

To worship and tribute


A silly little poem


© J. James Martinez