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The Witness

Jesus rescue us


The blood is flowing and

The light is dying


Why have we prayed?


Is this your wisdom and mercy?


The dust and stars fill our eyes

And lungs


Desperate to see and breathe

I reach out


Why have we prayed?


Are we the forsaken?


The smoke in the distance

Is bright


The pits are deep


Nowhere but down from the top

Of this dying heap



Deliver us from the collapse

From the rubble and ruin

Of crumbled kingdoms


Why have we prayed?


Are we the witness?


I am not the jester

Nor am I the devil


I am not the speaker

Nor am I the keeper


I am not the giver

Nor am I the taker


I am merely

Fleeting breath and

Flesh which will burn away


I am neither innocent nor ignorant


Am I the seeker?


Am I the prey?